To Have and to Hold


“I do.”

For most all of us, those two little words are loaded with emotions, dreams, and even stress and anxiety.

As a 21 year old, I am beginning to enter the age bracket where many of my friends of both genders are getting engaged. As my social media news feeds are flooded with engagement photo albums, sappy statuses about eternal love and bible versus relating to love and marriage, I can’t escape the fact that I could become a part of that group of people in a few short years.

This brings up the issue of love and marriage and the divorce rate the US is maintaining these days. While it is valid for people to marry for love and the pursuit of staying with your soulmate for the rest of your lives, but many people forget the important things associated with marriage that could have a damaging effect on your life should you divorce. Marriage in my sense of the word is really a coming together of finances and living arrangements in which two people in love wish to mix and provide for one another. Don’t get me wrong, love is an integral part of the success of a marriage, but don’t let finances go to the wayside.

I hope to get married before I am thirty. So this leaves me with around nine more years to secure my finances, employment and career goals, social life and livelihood independent to that of my significant other. While I know this is a lot to do in nine years, I realize that if anything were to happen, I do not want to rely solely on one person in this world and do not take marriage lightly. If I want a family, a dog, a big house and fancy cars, I need to be able to afford those things, and shouldn’t dive into marriage immaturely.

However, like many women my age, am constantly finding myself pinning wedding images to my Pinterest account and dreaming of my ideal wedding location and dress (not to mention the ideal man, but I’ve been hanging on to him for almost 2 years!) With age I know I will be able to have everything I need and desire in life if I strive to support myself and my individual needs before attending to another person. I want my wedding to be the most beautiful culmination of my strongest and most invigorating relationship.

I strive to be happy in my life and with my own happiness I hope to shine light into someone else’s life and enrich their life with my experiences and opinions and create an amazing family.

So, with the trials, tribulations, and financial stresses that can come with marriage, do I want to delve into it at all?

I do.


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