The Top 5 Coolest Places I’ve Visited


As a child I grew up in a family that moved around 12 – that’s right, count em! – 12 times and I was fortunate enough to experience so many different cultures and countries! Here is a list of the 5 coolest places I have visited so far during my travels!


1. Singatoka, Fiji
I visited Fiji during 11th grade as part of a 10-day service trip with my high school. This was the first 3rd world country I visited and the vast differences in socioeconomic privilege compared to the US shocked me. However, amidst the economic struggles most of the Fijian people in Singatoka experienced, they were remarkably optimistic, welcoming, and accepting of others and had such a vivacity even when some lived in buildings no bigger than a moderately sized American bathroom. The culture, land, and people of Fiji are extremely beautiful and unique and though I had culture shock, I would go back and visit in a heartbeat.


2. Shanghai, China
China – the only place where my dad had to fight off people to keep them from taking my picture all because I was blonde and Caucasian. While on my visit here I went to the sky deck in one of the Shanghai skyscrapers that was completely made of tempered glass and had to face my fear of heights head on. (As of today, that fear still exists, unfortunately.) I experienced both modern and historic Chinese cities and villages and understood what it felt like to be in a country where your language was not the native language of the majority population. Now I understand how difficult life can be in America for non-English speakers. 


3. Rhodes, Greece
What’s not to love about the Greek Islands?! My family and I escaped to Rhodes from our stay in Athens visiting the monuments for some real R&R. Rhodes is a small island and had a small town feel with beautiful waters, beaches, and of course people. In terms of sunbathing, I give Rhodes a 11/10 for perfectly warm sun and admiring the bronzed gods and goddesses around me – minus the topless ladies (respect.)


4. Madrid, Spain
iViva España! Spain is an amazing country and Madrid is chock full of historical sights, museums and culture. When I wasn’t cruising the streets with my friends and stopping for the occasional tapas break or sipping Sangria, I was learning how to dance. Flamenco dance, specifically. The Flamenco DEFINITELY captures the amount of passion Spanish people live their lives with, and Madrid is the place to be to witness the dance in close settings and reality. Madrid, I thank you for the experiences and strengthening my feet and hand muscles from Flamenco clapping and stomping.


5. Sydney, Australia
I lived in Sydney for four amazing years and graduated high school there. There is so much to say about Australia in general, but a few words always stick out to me: AUSTRALIAN BOYS, TANS, BEACHES, ACCENTS, AND PERFECT WEATHER! I made some of my best friends ever there, and even got to experience going to an all girls’ school that had uniforms which made me look like a bumblebee (we’re talking navy and yellow pinstripe blazers, people!) Australia taught me to be more laidback and live with “no worries” and to just enjoy what life had to offer. The beaches were amazing and the waves equally so – arguably better than some of the finest beaches in the US if you ask some of my friends. I’m so glad I came back from Australia with an affinity to accents and the ability to convince people I actually had an Australian accent. My favorite places to visit here were the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, Manly Beach, Circular Quay, and Queensland! There are so many awesome places left to visit and I NEED to go back soon to check them off of my list!

What are some of your favorite places you’ve traveled to and what do you love most about them? Respond by leaving a comment!


6 thoughts on “The Top 5 Coolest Places I’ve Visited

  1. I’ve lived in both Madrid and Shanghai so what a thrill to see they both made your top five list! I would love to make it over to Australia next but fear the prices might be a shock to the system after living in Shanghai for a while. Other places I have loved to visit – San Remo in Italy! And I just did a few days trip to Keswick (check out my blog for some pics) and that was absolutely STUNNING. Would highly recommend you make a visit there!

    • That is so great that you’ve been those places too! I definitely recommend Australia! Especially when it’s wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere, and with the polar vortex, the Australian summer would be great to escape to in our winter months! I have been to Rome and really want to go back to Italy and visit Venezia and I could swing by San Remo too if I ever get back! I’ll definitely check out your blog about Keswick, and thanks so much for following my blog and being the first commenter!

    • Thanks so much! I just started blogging a few days ago and I’m still very new at it! Let me know if there is anything you want me to write about because I am always open to fresh ideas!

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