Does the Bachelor Romanticize Love?

The Bachelor(ette) have been aired on tv for years. These dating shows are the epitome of every man and woman’s dream: being surrounded by two dozen sexy singles who are vying for his or her attention and being able to “date” all of them at the same time! However, does the Bachelor skew society’s view on how love should develop?

I enjoy my real life relationship and being able to spend quality time with my boyfriend going out to eat at the restaurant down the street, going on random road trips, and even just enjoying a good TV show or two on the couch. But while watching the bachelor, I am in awe of the extravagance of each of the group and one on one dates each episode shows. To be honest, I think that it’s extremely difficult for women or men going through this experience to truly live a normal life with a normal relationship after the cameras stop rolling. Let’s be honest, how can you keep up your dating speed after visiting different countries, taking rides in $100,000 amphibious vehicles, or in a self-made Californian winter wonderland!!

I can appreciate my relationship so much more from watching the Bachelor. Now I see my relationship will help me grow as a person and part of something greater than myself to enrich my boyfriend’s life. To me, fabulous dates and whirlwind trips don’t sound exciting to me, but rather the experiences with my partner that I would have there.

I definitely think that dating shows romanticize love. It’s what they are designed to do! While they are “reality” shows, the fact that they say you can build a successful relationship over a three month period with another 20 people fighting to beat you to the proposal is a bit outrageous. I am perfectly happy in my relationship, and don’t need any tv cameras, million dollar trips or competitions to help me find my perfect match.


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