I’ll Be There for You


Friends. At every point in your life, you’re more than likely someone’s best friend or confidante. Friendships are relationships that help you grow as a person and develop into your own unique personality and help to guide your way in life. In my opinion, my best friends have taught me so much in just twenty-one years. In short, here are the three most important things my best friends have taught me thus far in my life.

1. Talk about your problems, don’t internalize them.

All too often, people encounter personal problems and struggles in their lives but don’t share their feelings about them to their closest friends. I have been victim of this in the past, but over the last few years I have found that sharing with confidantes can help solve problems and give me an outlet to vent emotions and look at situations with fresh perspectives. Internalizing problems can only breed more emotional trauma and lamenting without any chance of solving the issues or problems at hand.

2. Being different is okay.

People always find comfort in people who are just like them and group together in a type of herd mentality for social comfort and confidence. However, I have realized that a lot of my best friends have been different types of people than I am. I think that this is a fantastic quality in a best friend, because they offer spontaneity, different perspectives and most importantly – fun! Almost all of my most interesting stories have come from doing some wild thing with my best friend Molly that was completely out of my comfort zone! While I can’t argue that my friends are 100% different to me in any specific way, I think that surrounding yourself with close friends from different backgrounds creates a safe space for people to share different ideas, beliefs and values without fearing their friends will cut off their relationship or judge them negatively.

3. Best friends help you grow.

Since joining my sorority three years ago, I have met many amazing friends through that organization. Not only did these women become my friends, but they rallied around me in support of anything I set my mind to succeeding in. Whenever I am having difficulty with carving out my life path after college, with relationships within my sorority or school, or with my personal life, my sisters are always there to support me and help me blossom into a better person than I was when I first joined. I feel confident knowing I have 100 women to fall back on if something doesn’t go as planned or to celebrate with if I get a job offer or succeed in an area of my life I was worried about.

As long as I have my friends to keep me sane, support me and be there for me at all times, life is good. To all of my amazing friends and bloggers out there: I’ll be there for you!



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