What’s in a Name?

I have been blogging under the blot title of Lilly Lane for the last few weeks. However, I am starting to wonder if I should stick to this name. I want my blog to be a mix of my opinions and a place for others to create a community to share ideas and experiences. Lilly Lane to me is a destination and serves both of these purposes, but I am conflicted about the lack of personal connection I have to the title itself.

I have written extensively about why I chose my blog name in the About section of this blog site. There, you can find some true insight into me and what I wish to embody as an online presence in the greater blogging community. Please visit it to understand the background of my site and give me any feedback, whether positive or criticism! I thrive off of feedback!

Does anyone out there have any feedback as to if my blog name would be effective as a brand in the long run? I am going to buy a domain name and want to be completely sure of my blog title before that to keep all of my social media accounts consistent with it. I am looking forward to becoming more influential and experienced in the blogging realm and am ready to dive in headfirst!


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