Love at First Bite: Fruit Pizza

Why Would You Put Fruit on a Pizza?

Last night I went to a dinner party with my boyfriend at my friend’s house and was introduced to what I consider one of the most delectable desserts I have ever had on my college budget: the Fruit Pizza. While this name may confuse you, as I was when I first heard it, it’s going to make anyone with a sweet tooth’s go-to quick and easy dessert staple. The idea seemed foreign to me at first and not at all yummy, but that all changed shortly after I took my first bite of that frosting covered sugary goodness!

Decadently sweet fruit pizza!

Decadently sweet fruit pizza!

Fruit pizza is essentially a perfect embodiment of its name. A delicious pizza made of everything that is sweet: sugar cookie dough, frosting and the main ingredient, FRUIT! The ingredients are so simple, yet when put together they create a delicious, light and airy dessert that is versatile enough to have a place at any type of event! I also think that a fruit pizza is great for any season, because the toppings are so versatile and can be interchanged based on fruit availability.

What else are Fruit Pizzas great for? – That’s right, Fruit Pizza Parties!

Fruit Pizzas are a great easy party activity for people in any age group. Prepare the pizzas in whatever size you choose, lay out frosting choices and toppings, and get creative! Everyone can create their own pizza to their tastes and can share their concoctions with everyone else! You can also decorate your pizzas with fruit of a certain color or in a specific design to cater towards the theme of your event, a birthday message, or a color theme for seamless integration between food and decor at your event!

Easy Recipe for Fruit Pizza – DO Try This at Home!

Here is an awesome and simple recipe by Pillsbury that gives you the basics to make Fruit Pizza.

All of the ingredients are inexpensive to buy and can be changed such as using light cream cheese instead of frosting or regular cream cheese as the “sauce” on your pizza. Additionally, you could get a little more adventurous and use Nutella as a sauce spread or even use chocolate shavings or chocolate or caramel drizzle to add pop!

I’m so glad that I went to that party and got to try this awesome new dessert! I’m a natural sugar lover and it’s honestly something I could eat for any meal at any time of the day. I mean really, there could be a great market for this out there and I’m not sure why people aren’t designing Chipotle-esque restaurants with make your own Fruit/Cookie pizzas!

Until next week’s Love at First Bite post, enjoy life, food and eat your hearts out!



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