Preparing for My First Real Valentine’s Day

In my adult life so far I have had a few boyfriends, but have never once gotten to celebrate Valentine’s day with any of them. I’ve even been with my current boyfriend for over a year and a half, yet haven’t gotten the chance to spend V-day with him!

So, admittedly, I’m not sure what to expect on this love filled Friday, now only 4 days away. What I know for sure is that my boyfriend Michael and I are going to drive to Temecula and have a great lunch at a winery and end the day with some gambling at Pechanga casino.


I’m extremely excited about what our day has planned in terms of events, but what I’m more unsure of is how the emotions I feel will affect the day. This is after all my first Valentines day, and I am already mentally preparing myself for an outpouring of love and happy emotions. There will also be a surprise, undoubtedly something that will embarrass me even though my boyfriend has convinced me otherwise, since I turn into a beet as soon as a lot of attention is focused on me.

What I am most nervous about is what I will give to my boyfriend as a valentines gift. I realize that the true meaning behind the holiday is sharing love with those you are close with and not about just giving chocolates or roses that will be gone in a week or so. To me, I see Valentine’s day as a day that you should spend with any type of loved one, be it your signifiant other, family members, friends or pets. I am excited just to be able to be in the same part of the country as my boyfriend this Valentine’s day (he scurried off to Las Vegas for a fraternity conference last Valentine’s day, but I haven’t quite let him live it down just yet!) A gift is always appreciated, I realize, but I want to make sure it is meaningful, not just extravagant or expensive and used to “buy” feelings of love and happiness.

Make sure to keep an eye out for a blog post this weekend detailing everything I do during my Valentine’s day with my boyfriend and all of the fun adventures we get up to! I can’t wait to see how this holiday is supposed to be celebrated and I get to have a wonderful private day full of fun, love, romance, and excitement (and hopefully even some luck at the casinos!) And to all of my wonderful viewers out there, you are all my Valentines for coming by my page and showing me some love and support! Love you all!

This Valentine’s Day story is brought to you in part by The Daily Post!

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