What is Lilly Lane?

I am striving to make Lilly Lane a blog where women can come together and share opinions and ideas about the world around them. Lilly Pulitzer was the quintessential classy southern woman and paved her own way to success with her clothing brand that is incredibly popular today. Lilly Lane is a place for all types of women to come together and discuss how they plan to achieve their goals with poise, class and perseverance just as Lilly did. Sharing thoughts on news, popular culture, and the arts gives women a chance to engage and expand their horizons in the pursuit of creating and leading their own success story.

Why Lilly?

As a sorority girl, Lilly Pulitzer prints are a large part of perpetuating the classy image of sisterhoods I want to portray. The vast array of colorful prints Lilly created remind me of individuality. Like Lilly prints, no two women are exactly alike. This individuality gives us a unique and interesting world where we can learn new things and engage in thoughtful discussions with one another to open our eyes to new perspectives. I want women to feel that they really are like Lilly prints, individual, unique and encourage their bright shining colors to shine through.

Why did I choose to write this blog?

I want to engage in the world culture and delve into a thriving online community of women bloggers. Women have so much to offer online and I decided that I am ready to start contributing my opinions and experiences to the bloggersphere! Though I love Lilly Pulitzer, and all things preppy, chevron, and Vineyard Vines for that matter, I by no means am an expert on being a perfect example of a classy woman, but I strive to hold myself to the highest standards in order to face the world in the best light. I hope that this blog will open my eyes to new perspectives and give me a chance to refine my opinions and knowledge of world events and trends and to emulate Lilly’s handmade success through my blogging endeavors.


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