Monday Moxie


Mondays should not be a cause for dread or a type of depressing disease caught after having a very enjoyable and relaxing weekend. I see each Monday as the beginning of a new week and a chance to make strides towards achieving whatever goals you have set. Today was an amazing day for me because although I was exhausted from my first day of spring classes, I finally started my year of serving as a delegate for my sorority on my college’s Panhellenic Council. Even though I lie awake last night stressing about what the first day of spring semester would bring, I took it all in stride and had a very successful day!

My schedule looked like this:

8am: Wake up, breakfast, news

9am: get ready for school

11am: Get to school for classes

5:15pm: Go home after classes for quick dinner

7pm: Back to school for Panhellenic Meeting

8:30pm: Return from meeting, get cozy, and finish that homework for Marketing Strategy

11-12midnight: bed time!

Though my schedule was pretty jam packed, I still had fun doing everything on my schedule and am full of energy and excitement about the week ahead and my new schedule that I’m going to get used to this semester!

Take Monday as a time to reflect on what you plan on doing in the next week and how it will affect your goals, happiness, and life in general. It should be a day for understanding your exact place in life and preparing to take on the week ahead. I always use Mondays for scheduling out my planner, making sure I know what I need to do and when so I can also plan fun outings, hanging out with friends and extra-curriculars outside of my academic and sorority life.

Motivate yourself this Monday. Even though you may feel like crawling back into that warm cozy bed and dreaming the week away until Friday afternoon rolls around, challenge yourself to make Monday even more fun than a weekend – and much more successful!