Cheers to my very first blog post!


I’ll drink to that! Here goes nothing!

The beginning of a new year is the quintessential excuse for people to redefine their lives and create never ending goal lists even though almost all of them never make it to fruition. This year, I have fallen into this category and finally decided I was at a place in my life where resolutions could take root and help me move forward with life in a positive way.

I took on a 90-day workout with Beachbody P90 workout plan to kick my less-than-perfect body into better shape with the help of Tony Horton and have been sweating it out for 7 days (in style of course!). As a person who finds working out and staying on track with it difficult to do now that I don’t have my high school sports practices to fit into my schedule, this plan was a welcome surprise and I already can see results! Seeing results is the best, because otherwise giving up would be so unbelievably easy, right! No results = no gain. Or so I thought until this year. With my short term success still giving me an energy buzz, I thought I would start a blog, one of the things I was always hoping to do and succeed at. Hopefully my good resolution karma will continue for my blog wanderlust!

As I am new to blogging, I understand the difficulties that come along with creating an entirely new website and expressing my ideas, beliefs and opinions about everyday life over the next couple of months. As a sorority girl in college who is in love with all things chevron and Lilly Pulitzer, I hope to discuss women’s issues, fashion trends, news and happenings in my life with preppy positivity and poise. (Though I’m no grammar nerd, I definitely enjoy some alliteration here and there!)


Was my first blog post everperfect? No. But right now life is as practically perfect as it can be.

So raise a glass, and here’s to many future blog posts and a lively blog audience for 2014!

Feel free to chat! I love new friends!