How I Got Through the First Polar Vortex

During my three week winter vacation off from school, I jetted home to Boston to spend time with my family and of course Teddy, my wonder dog. Little did I know that during those three weeks I would witness three blizzards and the arrival of first round the infamous Polar Vortex cycles. In this post, I’ll give you an insight into how I survived those weeks before escaping the subzero climate when I went back to school in California (the one state in the US experiencing ABOVE record high temperatures, and has been since I got back three weeks ago!)


This is Teddy, my wonder dog. Or should I say reindeer? He’s a 2 year old lab who LOVES the snow!!

How I survived the First Polar Vortex
 Hot White Chocolate Mochas from Starbucks
2. Polartec Fleece from The North Face
3. Ugg boots OF COURSE!
4. Fleece PJ’s from PJ Salvage at Nordstrom
5. Going out and enjoying the fun with my family when I could like in this photo below! Even though it doesn’t look like it, I was in fact FREEZING!

Both Teddy and I had so much fun building a snow fort at the end of the driveway after the snow plow came! Even though it was freezing we enjoyed the snow for a little while and I got to experience true winter before heading back west! Even though it is so frigid there right now, I would love to go back and visit again this season since California weather can get a little boring in my opinion. I mean, how long can it be sunny in a row?! We are in a severe drought, and some rain is needed and would clear all of the awful dust off of my MINI that I have to park outside! While I’m not constantly digging out from blizzards or having to shiver in my car for 20 min before work in the morning to get it warmed up, my visit home reaffirmed my love of winter even with its frigid possibilities.

How would you or have you gotten through the Polar Vortexes? If you can’t stand winter, what is your favorite winter escape? Hit me up in the comments section!!