5 Rules for Achieving Your Goals in 2014

Its the beginning of a new year, meaning that many are still struggling to stick to their resolutions during their busy lives. Here are 5 rules I have found help with staying on track with your resolutions and any goals you set in the future.

1. Start Small

While this rule may be spread around to help people stay on track, it really is the best way to keep yourself in check. Starting small allows us to focus on little goals on things like To Do Lists. Once those are checked off, you become more confident in your ability to accomplish goals and can take that confidence and use it towards large scale goals such as losing X pounds before 2015.

2. Track Your Goals

When you are moving towards your set goals throughout the year, tracking your progress can keep you from becoming distracted. Tracking goals gives you concrete evidence of progress as well as any slip ups you encounter. Additionally, it can help you get through any tough points or obstacles so you can keep pursuing your goals effectively and succeed at them.

3. Review Your Goals Frequently

Reviewing goals at a consistent time (daily, weekly, or at the same time each day) keeps you abreast of your goals. Constant reminders make sure you are accountable and hold yourself to your promises. In addition to accountability, reviewing goals gives you a chance to reflect on your progress frequently and think about what happened to propel you closer to your goal or if anything stood in your way.

4. Quantify Your Goals

For many, goals are ineffective if there is no way to properly measure progress. Creating goals that can be tracked by graphical images such as charts or graphs fixes this issue. In addition to forcing you to track your goals and acknowledge your progress or lack of progress, graphs and charts give you a bigger picture and let you view your results over time. This is best done on a daily basis so you can see how much daily issues or tasks effect your goal setting in order to modify your schedules for success. I have seen this technique work very well in weight loss tracking.

5. Make Your Goals Public

Many people have trouble completing goals because they have no one supporting their efforts. If your goals are made public, you can create a support system that will be able to bring you through any tough times you may have. When you succeed your goals, that support system will be there to cheer you on and show how proud they are of you. The support of loved ones, friends, and even coworkers is important because they can motivate you and understand how important your success is.

To my lovely readers, what have you found makes staying on track and accomplishing goals more successful? Feel free to share, I love reading your opinions!