Here Comes the App? Wedding Predicting App Gets Personal

This evening I came across an article on that was titled “New App That Will Predict the EXACT Date You’ll Get Married.” Shocked at the likelihood an app made with algorithms could even remotely predict the age you will get married to one and only love of your life, I clicked on the link and gave the article a read. What I found was an article about how upset a post-grad became after realizing that she had theoretically “1 year, 3 months and 36 days” until the day she should expect to get married. This fact can cause anyone to become increasingly stressed or anxious about the direction their life is taking and become a cause for unnecessary back life planning and what if?’s to arise.

An Example Marriage Graph

An Example Marriage Graph

Now that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, this app will most likely increase in traffic based on the fact that if you are not celebrating the holiday with significant others, you are most likely envious of others or are overwhelmingly lonely and yearning for commitment. By measuring the median marriage age of your Facebook friends, the app can determine a probable marriage date for you based on your personal social circles. For some, this may be an exciting fact because they could be already in a relationship with their hopeful soulmate and were planning on marrying them anyway. But for those single individuals who are hoping their turn will come soon, this fact will give them an exact end date to when their life will catch up to those of their friends who have already been posting photos of engagements, weddings, and babies.

I know that for me, this app would make me extremely stressed at the imminent approaching of my wedding date. Since I can remember, I have always been a planner who follows the rules and wants everything to run smoothly when it comes to event planning and my life. The fact that my life could soon be dictated by the bell curve of my friends’ ages and marriage dates and not from my own doing made me completely averse to even trying out the application. There is that saying that an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but I like to have as much control over the events in my life as possible in this fated world.

However, this application is not 100% positively perfect at determining your marriage date, because no algorithm can ever predict human decisions, emotions, or situations outside the experiment. Additionally, the app has a flaw in that it cannot distinguish those friends who are in relationships but do not disclose their relationships on social media. This skew in the data can make your “marriage date” arbitrarily less or more time away, leading to an incorrect perception of your own life stage and direction. I think that this application shows that technology is fantastic to have, but can often lead to causing unnecessary stress and emotional discomfort in the people who use it. Social media has influenced everyone’s opinions on major life choices and changes, like marriage, and has caused those who are not in relationships to envy their friends and loved ones who are partaking in those events publically. I think that this application should not be given credit for its ability to alter someone’s life choices and as a source of excitement about a wedding. Social media should not be involved in these types of personal events, and everyone on social media sites should take care of their heart and emotions when it comes to robotic apps and their affect on them. Social media is becoming far too intrusive and personal for my liking, and this app is just one example of how it can affect people more than expected.

Read more about the app and try it for yourself from TIME Tech!


To Have and to Hold


“I do.”

For most all of us, those two little words are loaded with emotions, dreams, and even stress and anxiety.

As a 21 year old, I am beginning to enter the age bracket where many of my friends of both genders are getting engaged. As my social media news feeds are flooded with engagement photo albums, sappy statuses about eternal love and bible versus relating to love and marriage, I can’t escape the fact that I could become a part of that group of people in a few short years.

This brings up the issue of love and marriage and the divorce rate the US is maintaining these days. While it is valid for people to marry for love and the pursuit of staying with your soulmate for the rest of your lives, but many people forget the important things associated with marriage that could have a damaging effect on your life should you divorce. Marriage in my sense of the word is really a coming together of finances and living arrangements in which two people in love wish to mix and provide for one another. Don’t get me wrong, love is an integral part of the success of a marriage, but don’t let finances go to the wayside.

I hope to get married before I am thirty. So this leaves me with around nine more years to secure my finances, employment and career goals, social life and livelihood independent to that of my significant other. While I know this is a lot to do in nine years, I realize that if anything were to happen, I do not want to rely solely on one person in this world and do not take marriage lightly. If I want a family, a dog, a big house and fancy cars, I need to be able to afford those things, and shouldn’t dive into marriage immaturely.

However, like many women my age, am constantly finding myself pinning wedding images to my Pinterest account and dreaming of my ideal wedding location and dress (not to mention the ideal man, but I’ve been hanging on to him for almost 2 years!) With age I know I will be able to have everything I need and desire in life if I strive to support myself and my individual needs before attending to another person. I want my wedding to be the most beautiful culmination of my strongest and most invigorating relationship.

I strive to be happy in my life and with my own happiness I hope to shine light into someone else’s life and enrich their life with my experiences and opinions and create an amazing family.

So, with the trials, tribulations, and financial stresses that can come with marriage, do I want to delve into it at all?

I do.